DK Ultra – Constructing The Mind Controlled State

by Philip Jones

October 3, 2008



“The Mass Mind Control of a population can
be defined as the sophisticated exercise of control by utilizing the
ability to keep people oppressed yet contented”.

The Tavistock Institute For Human
Relations 1954.

The Hive

Visiting Denmark and living in Denmark are two totally different states of
mind. To the visitor, it is indeed a green and pleasant land. Small and tidy
with an apparently happy and welcoming populace. One overlooks the small
things, the little irritants and peculiarities because one is on ‘vacation’.

It is when one lives permanently there that those same ‘small things’,
‘little irritants’ and peculiarities start to beg questions. Why is it that
the majority of Danes are all so alike?


They dress alike, cut their hair alike, walk
alike and talk alike. They use the same phrases time and again, eat the same
food, enjoy the same leisure pursuits and live almost copycat lives,
with little or no variation on the theme. I accept that this is a sweeping
generalization, but believe it to be valid all the same. There are of course
exceptions and to those brave individuals, I give my respect and admiration.
How or why they ‘slipped through the net’ escapes me. But they are in the
minority in every sense of the word, and this indeed adds to their splendor.

Every country and people have their national characteristic’s but in Denmark
it goes beyond this, because again and I stress here that I am referring to
the majority of Danes, the population is phobically conformist and
has a profound and deep mistrust of all things and influences of a foreign
origin. For those who watched the US TV Series, ‘Star Trek The Next
Generation’, the collectivist and robotic alien force known as the ‘Borg’
bears comparison, albeit one which admittedly is rather extreme (quite a
actually ‘Borg’ being a Danish word ).


Did Gene Roddenberry know more than he
was letting on?.

Danes display a ‘Hive’ mentality, clinging to each other ever closer as the
outside world closes in, rupturing their manufactured and protected
isolation, and they hold tight to their Queen Bee, the Welfare State, with
which they have an almost metaphysical attachment.

In this Essay, I will present an hypothesis based on my own research,
observations and experiences both actual and circumstantial, and the
research of others operating in the same arena which I believe will show
that the intentional Mind Programming of the Danish people has been
underway since the end of WWII.


The Model

The vindication of two of the twentieth century’s great prophets of doom is
at this time of global fracture perversely fascinating. We humans love to
prove ourselves imperfect and flawed. The two pessimistic visionaries of the
future of which I speak are of course George Orwell and Aldous
. Their respective doom laden obituaries of the future have
already passed into folklore.


These two classic nightmares of what very likely
awaits us, are Orwell’s ‘1984
and Huxley’s

Brave New World


Straddling the War years between 1939 and 1945,
these books have already shown that they were written with the apparent
gift of prophecy
. Both envisaged a world in which the advance of science
produced a new type of ruling class with powers hitherto not possible. Both
scripted the final subservience of human beings to a revolutionary hybrid of
technological manipulators and political managers.

Both works predict a similar end, but it appears that the tenets of a
Brave New World
model have been applied here in Denmark where Huxley’s
novel is required reading on many adult education courses.


Whereas ‘1984’ which describes the logical
conclusion of a Marxist Socialist dictatorship, or more correctly in the
twenty first century a Communitarian one, has been adopted in those
countries where the population is more likely to revolt and rebel against
the encroachment of tyranny, such as in the US, France and the UK and some
of the former eastern bloc countries now enmeshed in the EU Fascist


The New Totalitarians

There was no reason why the ‘New Totalitarianism’ which had been chosen by
the conspiratorial manipulators should resemble the old model of coercive
government , which is demonstrably inefficient, and in an age of advanced
technology unnecessary, particularly in a relatively controlled environment
such as Denmark.


In his book, Huxley describes perfectly the
‘Architect’s’ goal.


He writes:

“ A really efficient totalitarian state
would be the one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses
and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not
have to be coerced, because they love their servitude“.

For anyone not born and bred in this land, and
in possession of a reasonable level of awareness, I am fairly sure they will
recognize the parallels with Denmark as it is today.

So how was this state of acquiescence to be achieved? Huxley answered this
question himself:

“Brave New World depends on economic
security; without it, the love of servitude is impossible.”

And in this, we find the foundations of the
‘New Danish Model of Totalitarianism’.


Denmark solved the problem of permanent security
and abolished it in the main, along with the more obvious modes of social
inequality, many years ago. She has been helped in this by a century and a
half of relative peace and isolation and until very recently neutrality, and
by being small and easily governed. Economic security by itself does not
necessarily engender a love of servitude. Other conditions are a


On the side of the controllers, a thorough
understanding of the interaction between economics and power; and on the
side of the controlled, an inert submission to authority and reverence for
the expert. And in both cases, an aversion to individuality, an instinct for
the collective, identification with and the a worship of the State, and a
preference for government by bureaucrat. Denmark fulfils the above and them


Danes do love their work!


Programming The Masses

At this point, it is useful to take a break from Huxley’s vision of the
future and take a brief look at Orwell’s “1984”.


The Danes have demonstrated the power of that
form of semantic manipulation Orwell called ‘Newspeak’ i.e. the changing of
words to mean something else. For example, whereas in English, to say to
someone you believe them to be special or fine is very positive and
complimentary. In Danish, both take on negative connotations.


‘Special’ becomes peculiar and ‘Fine’ implies
“you think you’re better than us“.


In this way, human thought can be directed, and
undesirable concepts eliminated, because the means of expressing them have
been removed.

As researcher Michael Bailey wrote,

“In this reality, language is the highway of
how we communicate our thoughts. The gradual and intentional erosion of
the vocabulary by those who wish to control us, removes the possibility
of any undesirable ideas, as without the words to formulate those ideas,
we cannot begin to even think them”.

In the Danish language, freedom’ does not yet,
as it does in Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’, imply any form of ‘slavery’, but
it does imply an element of ‘submission’ to the Collective or Hive,
and effectively, a powerful word in the vocabulary of any opposition has
therefore been effectively neutralized. Similarly, it is exceedingly
difficult to speak in any but favorable terms of the State, because all the
words in that field have become positively loaded in the same manner as
‘special’ and ‘fine’ have been negatively so.

So how does a Conspiratorial State Apparatus, program a whole nation
of people into a condition of accepted servitude and conformity?


Through State Education, the merged
State/Corporate Media
, the advocating and promotion of immune system
damaging vaccines and drugs such as anti depressants used to clinically
adjust non conformist behavior, along with the purposeful adding of poisons
into the food and drink manufacturing process which, ‘dumb down’ and
disconnect people from their ability to think for themselves.


Add to this the promotion of deviant sexual
practices, pornography and erroneous ideologies such as feminism and you
have yourselves a cocktail guarantied to bewilder and mesmerize a population
into thinking exactly what you want them too and behaving accordingly.

As I have stated above, my contention is that Denmark and the Danes along
with the other Nordic countries have been used as a Test Zone for the
mass programming of whole populations
. A laboratory experiment conducted
to test and try out those systems to be introduced on a pan continental
scale sometime in the near future.


If one wanted to conduct such an experiment,
certain conditions would be desirable. Like any worthwhile research site, a
level of isolation and insulation is essential.


The number of subject specimens needs to be
large and varied enough to allow the project validity, but not so large that
the possibility of losing control becomes a factor. The subject specimens
themselves must have character traits found commonly from within and outside
the ‘target zone’, yet be malleable enough to allow for sudden and
unexpected changes to the program, and as an essential, lacking completely
any tendency to rebelliousness and non conformity.

Denmark certainly fulfils the criteria above and can be said to fall within
the remit of the described possible scenario. It is located at the northern
tip of Europe and has a tradition of relative isolationism.


It has a small and compliant population due to
many decades of imposed socialist dogma, and a history of bureaucratic
government. It has along with Norway and Sweden been historically regarded
as being on the very fringe of European Culture and therefore generally of
little interest to the ‘mainstream of European life. But most perfectly, and
up until very recently, it has been, and to a large extent still is, highly

Added to this was the presence of an ‘on site’ local cultural phenomenon:


The Jantelov

In Denmark, the ‘plotters and planners’ realized that the foundations of
Mass Mind Control
had been in place for at least a century or so, in the
form of the unwritten code known as the Jantelov. The Jante Law is the
Nordic version of the ‘tall puppy’ syndrome.


It was named and described by the Danish author
Aksel Sandemose in his novel ‘A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks’ circa
1933, where he writes about the small fictional northern town of ‘Jante,’
which is modeled upon and typical of all small Danish (and probably
Norwegian and Swedish) communities at the beginning of the 20th century,
where anonymity is impossible.


There are ten basic tenets in this ‘law’, but
they are all variations on this one single theme:

“Don’t think you’re anyone special or that
you’re better than us“.

Those who do not keep to this ‘law’ and behave
in accordance with it, are regarded with suspicion and hostility. Sandemose
added an eleventh rule, which he formulated as a question:

“Do you think I don’t know anything about

This is the implied threat of censure, that
others in the community will know something about those who dare to
transgress, which can be later used against them.


The rules are not only applied outwardly; Danes
apply them equally and instinctively towards themselves. This means that the
rules of this Jante Law create a state of arrested individuality
where one does not wish nor dare to be either too high above or too far
below others socially and economically.

With this rather pernicious and degrading subculture already in place, it
was no coincidence and also somewhat convenient (for the conspirators that
is) that the social engineers and their Illuminati backers and bankers
decided upon Denmark and the other Nordic countries as the location of what
can only be termed a ‘Mass Mind Control Experiment’.



Education is one of the ‘Holy Cows’ of the Danish Welfare system, and
it took me a while to work out how and why a State would finance and support
the continued educating of not only the very gifted far into their twenties,
but as experience as a guest lecturer at Odense University in the 1990’s
showed me, the quite average also.


Furthermore, the ‘push and shove’ technique used
to drag adult people back into education via the VUC program similarly
mystified me.


What was it all about? Social equality? I don’t
think so.

The introduction of State-controlled education whether in Denmark or
elsewhere in the ‘West’ was not, nor is at the controlling level, intended
to educate at all. The last thing a dictator wants is a truly educated,
independent minded and intelligent population. It was, and is, the means to
universally indoctrinate a life-long sense of reality which conforms to that
model desired by the State and Hidden manipulators.

For their intended society, the Danish planners required a type of person
that, thinking collectively and suppressing his individuality in favor of
the group, is technologically orientated, and socially well adjusted. To
this end, the educational system was profoundly altered during the 1950s and
1960s. From imparting knowledge, its aim was changed to that of guiding
social behavior.

Alistair Crowley
correctly intimated,

if the State Education ruse was to be
successful, it would need to be aimed at children of a young and
suggestible age.

In Brave New World written in the early
1930s, Huxley described a society of total control in which children were
brought up in communal nurseries, conditioned from birth to accept what the
State told them to do.

Like laboratory rats, children were electro-shocked if they did anything
unacceptable to the programming.


One scene has babies crawling towards pictures
of flowers and birds only to be shocked because the State didn’t want them
to like nature. A form of this is going on right across society today as
people are punished through various means for not acting in ways acceptable
to the State and rewarded when they play the game as demanded.

The children in Brave New World are brainwashed even when they sleep
with subliminal messages turning them into insatiable consumers to drive the
engine of industrial production as indeed they are in only slightly more
subtle ways today. At the heart of this child control was to remove children
from the influence of their parents.

In the UK and increasingly mirrored elsewhere throughout the EU it is the
plan to impose rules on the teaching of ‘social and group interaction
skills’ to three year olds. This is has the Orwellian/Huxleyan title of ‘The
Early Years Foundation Stage’. This is the most overt and blatant example
yet of the State removing a child at the earliest practicable age, from it’s
parents influence in order to indoctrinate it, whilst still at it’s most
impressionable stage of development.

In Denmark the routine ‘farming out of infants’ by working parents has been
practiced for the past three decades at least, in the form of the ‘Vuggestue’
and Kindergarten‘s.


Every morning across Denmark, thousands of
parents unwittingly and voluntarily deliver up their ‘innocents’ into the
hands of the State. Wherever you look across the EU, this program of early
indoctrination can be seen to either be in place, or about to be installed.
Whereas for example in the UK, this ‘brainwashing for beginners’ is still in
it’s literal infancy, in Denmark and the other Nordic lands, it is an
accepted part of the ‘culture’.

Alistair Crowley, the Arch Satanist, Freemason and British Spy put it
this way:

“Get them by eight, or it’s too late”.

This is the point!


The earlier the process starts the more
effective and consolidated the effects will be. Enter “The Early Years
Foundation Stage” and its teaching of ‘communication, language and literacy’
to infants together with “knowledge and understanding of the world’. The
play years of such children is vital to their balanced development because
it awakens their right brain, the creative and artistic aspects of
themselves. The ‘Right Brain’ improvises and goes with the moment while the
left brain wants structure and systems. All around us, we see structure and



In his book, ‘The
New Totalitarians
‘ the author Roland Huntford, when
writing about the Swedish educational model explained:

“Education is one of the most important
agents for changing society. It has been integrated into the scheme for
change, and its purpose is to turn out the correct kind of person for
the new society. The new school rejects individuality, and teaches
children to collaborate with others. It rejects competition, and teaches
cooperation. Children are taught to work in groups. They solve problems
together; not alone.


The basic idea is that they are considered
primarily as members of society, and individuality is discouraged. They
want to produce people who are integrated into society. It aims to
produce a well adjusted, good member of society. It teaches people to
respect the consensus, and not sabotage it.. In the schools, the
emphasis lies heavily on the collective.”

In other words the aim is to produce Human
who look, think and act alike and in conformity to the required
social norms, and refrain entirely from questioning and or challenging the
regime. To this end, in Denmark, the program has been entirely successful as
any form of individuality or eccentricity is not only discouraged but
becomes the object of a ‘silent threat’ of ostracism by one’s fellows.


This causes a certain level of ‘brain drain’ as
the more individual and exceptional, unable to function as they would wish
in Denmark find other lands in which they can do so. Worse still, when one
considers the comprehensive social security net, is the surprising level of
suicide, not only in Denmark, but throughout the northern lands. Not
surprisingly, many of those resorting to this tragic form of escape are the
very gifted, individualistic and eccentric.

In Denmark as well as most if not all other western nations we are
witnessing a relentless centralization of all aspects of society and State
Education is no exception. This move towards the centre is considered vital
where the indoctrination of children is concerned. He who thinks the same
can be controlled the same.


One blueprint, one mind, one reality.


100% Dansk – The
Danish Mass Media as Agents of Conformity

In the post war years, the ‘thinkers’ of the Frankfurt School, now
established in America were recruited by the OSS, forerunners of the
CIA and organized by British Intelligence in connection with the

Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations
, the premier Illuminati
‘Front’ for Global Mind Control
both then and now.


Theodore Adorno, ‘a music professor’, and
senior member of the ‘Frankfurt School’ was commissioned to research the
effects of manipulated radio, television, popular music, movies and
advertising on the US population. The findings of this project and the
application of the results are primarily responsible for the massively
damaged collective psyche of people living in western societies and the
‘mind washing’ of children whose parents have abdicated responsibility for
their raising to a conspiratorial state together with a ‘screen’ in the
corner of the living room.

If one takes one’s impression of Denmark solely by viewing its mass media,
the country appears to all intents and purposes to be run by a ‘tolerant


Press, Radio and TV show a remarkable
similarity, as if guided by some Ministry of Propaganda.


Criticism of the government there may be, but it
is almost exclusively confined to administrative trivialities, and covered
by the formula:

‘First you decide on your goals, and then
you discuss the means. There is no other discussion.’

Almost never is there questioning of political
fundamentals, or critical examination of the institutions of the State. All
the media seem to be of one mind, advocating the same consensus, professing
the same slogans, always, it seems, following the convolution of some party
line. They give the impression of existing, not to question authority, but
to avoid disturbing the public peace of mind; not to criticize, but to
indoctrinate with a certain point of view.

In Denmark, blind belief in the state has allowed unrivalled possibilities
in the ‘programming’ of the population through sophisticated and some not so
sophisticated means.


One of the more obvious and least sophisticated
of these is the universal and propagandized message that ‘Danish is Best’
coupled with a peculiarly localized form of nationalism which is currently
being exacerbated by the Danish People’s Party and it’s open hostility to
all non Danes which now borders on the xenophobic.

This ‘Hive’ mentality is inculcated via a

Corporate Media Mafia
in collusion with the
state, and run overwhelmingly by

like Merete Eldrup and
Fleming Rose of the Politiken/Jyllandsposten group of Newspapers,
responsible for the mass hysteria caused by their now infamous and
drawings of the Prophet Muhammad


In itself this calculated ruse to further
alienate the Danish people from their Muslim immigrants, was in itself pure
mass mind control and manipulation.


It achieved all it’s aims and more. It
consolidated the already marked siege mentality in the host population. It
exacerbated the feelings of being unwanted guests in the country in the
Muslim Diaspora
, and inflamed Western/Islamic relations around the globe
causing massive and sometimes violent anti west demonstrations in the Muslim
World, thereby giving credence to the ever more bogus US led war on
‘terror’… In effect, the cartoons were a mind control coup on the Danish
population in particular and the world in general.

Like in all other western countries today, Danes are bombarded almost 24/7
by images on television which dictate their view of their country and the
world around them.


As all avenues of information save the internet
(for now) are further centralized into fewer and fewer hands, the
opportunity for the intensive and coordinated ‘e-programming’ of the
population has never been greater. Television presents to us a view of
reality which is obscenely false and in most cases perversely so. It’s
relentless depictions of extreme violence and loveless recreational sex are
intended to immunize the viewer to all the horrors awaiting them come the
day of the ‘New
World Order


All the old and traditional values are brutally
trashed each and every evening in movies and TV soaps where the lust for
sensation is incessant. Men who should be awakening to the realities of the
Global Police State falling down around them and their families, are
instead sat glaring at the widescreen in the corner as if in a trance,
watching sport and horror movies.

Television News lies blatantly from the mouths of well groomed and
generally attractive dummies who repeat the lies on air each day without
ever questioning as to whether what they are transmitting is actual. The
newspapers reinforce this deceit the following morning and the mass of sleep
walkers on their way to their chosen place of servitude inhale the neatly
packaged blandly written deceptions without pausing for thought at all.


Then on their way home, they turn on the car
radio, or place the headphones over their ears and listen to mindless pop
music which unbeknown to them contains subliminal lyrics and trigger words
in the same way that television programs and advertisements are routinely
displayed via almost undetectable subliminal messaging throughout the whole
viewing spectrum.

Although it is true to say that in Denmark the use of mass mind control
techniques via the popular media might be on a reduced scale in comparison
to the USA for example. When combined with the highly advanced and
sophisticated mind programming of the State Education system and the almost
universal acceptance of the Jantelov as a way of life, then the effects are
in many regards spectacularly more successful.

Clearly Broadcasting is a medium of indoctrination.


In Denmark, it has two main aims:

  • to persuade Danes that they live in the
    best of all possible worlds

  • to condition them to the ideology of the
    sitting government

To induce a nation to believe that it enjoys the
happiest lot on earth is an elementary device to secure compliance with a
government and forestall criticism.


In reporting from abroad, the Danish news media
are concerned, not so much to show how other people live, but to illuminate
the superiority of all things Danish. They concentrate on the defects of
foreign countries
, drawing comparisons to the advantages of Denmark. The
viewer is invited to see how badly off people are everywhere else and to
consider how fortunate he is. The press and periodicals take the same line.

It is not only that the Dane is told that he has the highest standard of
living, and the best social security, but that he really is superior in all
things, most particularly in politics and culture. An article on child care
in France, published by a Danish women’s magazine, seemed to have no other
purpose but that of serving up a homily on how much better Danes took care
of their children.


Even travel writing often contains disparaging
remarks, in order specifically to draw a moral in praise of Denmark, usually
concerned with poverty abroad and prosperity at home. Most nations entertain
a high opinion of themselves, but unless their rulers nurse ulterior
motives, official media of communication do not normally insist, as a matter
of policy, on advertising domestic superiority.


Still less do they pursue this aim by
denigrating foreign institutions.


Simply put, Danes are bewildered into a
patriotic sense of false security, which consolidates a sense of ‘cosy’
superiority and belonging on the one hand, whilst enforcing a ‘bubble
mentality’ on the other.


The Use Of Mobile
Phones, Wireless Broadband and Tetra Communications as Tools of Mass Mind

‘Man does not have the right to develop his
own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must
electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be
controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.’

U.S. government mind manipulator, Dr.
Jose Delgado, Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118, 1974.

We live in an age of wireless technology.
Everywhere one looks, people are using mobile phones, even children of pre
pubescent age can be seen walking down the street totally engrossed in their
‘new best friend’ seemingly oblivious to the world around them. This is
exactly the situation the ‘planners’ of the ‘ Mind Control State ‘ want. In
this, Denmark is no exception.

The masts which relay the microwave signals for mobile phone networks are
now so common, few even notice them. But people need to realize that these
masts and especially the soon to be introduced

Tetra Communications systems
, which are
already in use in the UK and which will soon be used by the Danish Emergency
Services are potential killers and agents of Mass Mind Control.

What we call the military/industrial complex is just that – the fusion of
the military and the corporate through which technology developed in the
secret projects to advance human control is brought into the public arena by
the military supplying a connected corporation with the know-how. This is
then sold to the public as a ‘breakthrough’ discovered by the company


The people closest to the Tetra technology
will be the police officers and other emergency services that use it every
day. Already in countries where Tetra is operational, they are experiencing
physical, mental and emotional consequences, including cancer of the
esophagus in numbers way above the international average.

Tetra signals are close to those of human brain frequencies
and this is not a coincidence. It is a designed and coldly calculated
measure and a primary reason for the plan to install a network of mobile
phone, Tetra, and other systems of electromagnetic communications that
operate as one unit to create an electromagnetic mini-matrix to scramble
normal brain and DNA function while dictating mental and emotional


In the film ‘Control factor’ the character
played by Adam Baldwin discovers he is a ‘programmed human robot’ and that
nothing about his life is real. He finds himself caught up in a deadly
government mind control experiment whereby instructions and orders are
passed to him via antenna masts.

In a report relating to the use of Tetra technology
UK Scientist Barrie Trower said in his report for the Police

“Pulse radiation from TETRA at 17.6 Hz
(waves per second) is known to interfere with our natural brains rhythm.
Our brains generate their own waves within our head. One of these waves,
called beta waves is on a very similar frequency to the TETRA handsets.
What happens is: If you could imagine yourself jumping on a trampoline
and somebody larger and heavier jumps on and dances at a slightly
different speed you will bounce at their pace rather than yours. When
they jump off you will still bounce at their speed.


The jumping on of the person onto the
trampoline is known as entrainment and this occurs when the TETRA is
used in close proximity to an officer’s brain. Because TETRA affects the
beta rhythm of the brain it will affect what the beta rhythm is
responsible for; namely sound judgment in emergency situations.
Entrainment is always followed by a phenomena called long-term
potentiation. This is an analogous to the person getting off the
trampoline leaving you dancing.


Long-term potentiation has been known to
last several weeks after the initial source has died down. The
implications for this are that the officers’ brain waves would continue
to suffer entrainment even after the sets have been switched off, which
would be reinforced every time the sets are switched on again.’

Trower writes of the affect on ‘sound judgment
in emergency situations’.


Put another way, the ability to think straight.
And it is not only the emergency service workers who can potentially have
their thought processes disrupted. So can anyone who comes into contact with
the Tetra frequencies. Thousands of Tetra masts are planned to be located
throughout the rest of Europe.


And their equivalent in North America and


Generation Ritalin X


In 1995, Denmark’s Cooperative Institute for
Medical Drug Dependence
reported the following withdrawal symptoms from
psychotropic drug dependence:

“Emotional changes: fear, terror, panic,
fear of insanity, failing self-confidence, restlessness, irritability,
aggression, an urge to destroy, and, in the worst cases, an urge to

Psychotic episodes and violent behavior are also
associated with chronic

abuse. Even the manufacturer warns
in its information leaflet, “frank psychotic episodes can occur” with abuse.

The history of violence by teens who have been subjected to psychiatric
drugs cannot be ignored.


Consider the following examples:

  • November 20, 1986: Rod Mathews, 14, beat
    a classmate to death with a bat in the woods near his house in
    Canton, Massachusetts. Rod was put on Ritalin when he was in third

  • February 19, 1996: Timmy Becton, 10,
    grabbed his three-year-old niece as a shield and aimed a shotgun at
    a sheriff’s deputy who accompanied a truant officer to his Florida
    home. Becton had been taken to a psychiatrist in

  • January to cure his dislike of school
    and was put on a psychiatric drug, Prozac. His parents said that
    when the dosage of the drug was increased, Timmy had violent mood
    swings and that he would “get really angry…”

  • May 21, 1998: Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old
    at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon, murdered his parents
    and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on students in the
    cafeteria, killing two and wounding twenty-two. Kinkel had been
    prescribed both Ritalin and Prozac.

  • April 16, 1999: Shawn Cooper, a
    15-year-old-sophomore at Notus Junior-Senior High School in Notus,
    Idaho, was taking Ritalin when he fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly
    missing students and school staff.

  • May 20, 1999: T.J. Solomon, a
    15-year-old at Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga., was being
    treated with Ritalin for depression when he opened fire on and
    wounded six classmates.

A report published by the Danish
states that:

In Denmark and the other Nordic lands
consumption and the number of people treated with antidepressants has
been increasing since 1994 and continues to grow strongly.


The increase in the consumption of the newer
antidepressants is both because there are more people in treatment, but
also that larger doses are being prescribed. The most preferred
preparation for the treatment of depression in the year 2003 were
products containing the substances



Table 4:

Number of people treated with
newer antidepressants, 1994-2003

This trend is now global in dimension and what
is especially concerning is how children are being increasingly prescribed
Ritalin and the plethora of other Anti Depressants. Along with Ritalin,
other copy-cat drugs have been produced to exploit the obsession, and the
calculated agenda, of drugging the young.


These include:


Bush family
-connected Eli Lilly Phamaceutical Giant is
heavily involved in this despicable program of legalized child abuse…
Another drug being given to children is

, which was used on political
prisoners in the Soviet Union to extract information.

David Healy, a leading psycho-pharmacology expert and Professor of
Psychiatry at Cardiff University in Wales, said:

“People who took [Risperdal] would tell
anything to anyone. When you think about giving these drugs to kids,
it’s a whole new ball game”’.

All of these drugs have similar effects to
‘speed’ and cocaine. These are, of course, illegal and yet drug companies
and their cronies, so called ‘doctors’, are quite legally giving them to
children like candy at a Halloween ‘trick or treat’.

The manufactured ‘necessity’ promoted by the drug cartel in order to trigger
this explosion of prescribing Anti Depressant Drugs, particularly to
children, is a condition called ‘Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’
or ADHD. But there is now gathering evidence that these drugs don’t
even work on the ‘condition’ they are claiming to treat and there is much
expert and experienced opinion that says there is no such thing as
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


This then makes us wonder, so if they don’t work
and the condition is erroneous, what is the agenda behind the prescribing of
these drugs in such large quantities to children and adults?

The main purpose of all this is the suppression of both the intellect and
the individuals ability to recognize fact from fiction and truth from lies,
and to be able to react and respond cognitively to a given situation. This
opens up a person, (particularly a child) to a whole world of Mass Mind


The conspiracy for global control is targeting
everyone in this regard, but, of course, their prime focus is children and
young people because they are going to be the adults when the structure of
planned world tyranny is in place. They know, too, that the effect of what
they are doing is cumulative and so by the time the young become adults
their minds will be ‘screwed up’ to a far greater extent than they are now.

The use of these drugs is part of a concerted war against the population and
it is no co-incidence that people have so been targeted with massive
electrochemical attacks. These come through the additives in food and drink,
together with the effects of the electromagnetic and microwave ‘smog” in
which we are now forced to live, by electromagnetic technology, mobile
phones, and so on. Research has proved time and again that there is a clear
link between food and drink additives and hyperactive behavior in children.


One such research document published in
September 2007 came to the below conclusions:

“The behavior patterns caused by the
chemical cocktails found in food and drink included hyperactive and
compulsive behavior, causing the children to become ‘boisterous and lose
concentration’, and not being able to play with one toy or complete a
single task“.

Is it pure coincidence that the Pharmaceuticals
and their bought and paid for ‘healthcare professionals’ tell us that the
symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that must be
treated with Ritalin and the like are:

  1. Difficulty concentrating and keeping
    attention on tasks or play activities

  2. Will not follow instructions and fail to
    finish schoolwork, jobs or activities

  3. Easily distracted

  4. Trouble playing or enjoying leisure
    activities quietly

  5. Hyperactivity

  6. Exhibit impulsive and compulsive

The exact same behavior symptoms of children in
an official additives trial and those given these mind-altering drugs like
Ritalin for ‘behavior disorder’ are the same. No wonder, then, that the
astonishing rise in the use of these drugs has followed the astonishing rise
in the chemical additives in food and drink – even without the
electromagnetic affects on behavior.

The plan has been to destabilize people physically, mentally and
emotionally, weakening their resistance to suggestion via the above cited
methods including education, the media and the use of new technology . In
order to deal with those who still won’t be programmed and who behave and
perceive life and situations differently from the herd, they now developed a
chemical failsafe of diagnosing ‘Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’
and dosing those so diagnosed with these drugs.

What the ‘system’ has done, in full awareness at the ‘Conspiratorial’ level,
is to purposely structure society, education, the chemicals in food and
drink, etc., to close down vast tracts of the corpus callosum to suppress
the scale of communication between the hemispheres, while programming the
population, especially children, to see life overwhelmingly through the left


This is one key reason why science has not
understood the nature of life and reality. It is populated by left-brainers
who can’t perceive beyond their University indoctrinated reality.
Therefore, they are obsessed with, and blinkered by, the realm of the


It is similarly the case with doctors,
teachers, politicians and other ‘gatekeepers’ of the system.


They go through the educational mincemeat
machine and take their ‘Mind Controlled’ places in positions of power and
influence with their right brain under lock and key.

This article/essay although primarily written with Denmark in mind is also
applicable to the full compliment of Western Nations in this first decade of
the 21st century. But due to the nature, existing culture and character of
the people of this small country and the application of a deliberate and
sophisticated experiment aimed at the mass indoctrination of it’s entire
population, success rates have surpassed elsewhere, where comparable results
have only been achieved by utilizing coercive force.

With the use of a complex array of ideologies, techniques and ‘scams’, the
Dane has been programmed into a state of illusory reality, delusion, denial
and compliance by a conspiracy so devious and diabolical, that when the
individual is presented with it, he or she suffers from an automatic
response mechanism which creates confusion, refusal to acknowledge the facts
and often open hostility to the messenger of those facts.


Installed by the above means through a ‘Welfare
State’ which under the guise of a cradle to grave security apparatus,
has deliberately and with malice aforethought weakened and undermined the
Dane’s ability to think for his/herself by installing a sense of virtual
reality in the collective national consciousness.

As I have written above, all the nations of the west have been and are being
subjected to programs intended to produce a similar effect. What makes
Denmark in particular and the other Nordic lands generally different is the
the people’s complete and comprehensively programmed sense of ‘blind faith’
in their respective regimes.

It should be emphasized that there are those in Denmark who since the
Flag’ ‘Psy Op’ of 9/11
are beginning to look through the web of
deceit and have begun to extricate themselves from the ‘HIVE’.


One might ask,

“Where is the harm? Danes seem to have it
good compared to many places and the standard of living is still above
the average”.

But when a whole people either consciously or
not ‘take their eye off their country’s political football’ and allow their
politicians to step by step, drip by drip, take more and more of their
personal decision making away from them and at the same time indoctrinate
that populace with a particular dogma and ideology, it becomes only a matter
of time before the politicians stop even the democratic charade of asking
what the people think
and assume complete control over their
micromanaged lives, installing the dictatorship in the process.

As the British Journalist Bel Mooney wrote in the London Daily

“Make no mistake, Totalitarianism creeps up
on you. One minute you think you live in a free society and then you
turn your back and, hey presto, another little rule, a fresh directive,
a sneaky law, an insidious diktat all of them putting up prison bars
through which we have to view the world”

Or to quote Krishnamurti,

“It is not a sign of good health to be well
adjusted to a sick society”.

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