America – Death by Terminal Madness and Stupidity

It has been said “When you lose, make sure you do not lose the lesson.”

About 1,000 BC a very wise Chinese general arose from their ranks and
clearly saw both the folly of war and the proper ways to wage it. The entire
balance and well-being of a people, their state, their culture, their wealth
and resources hangs in the balance of right and wrong decisions by leaders.

That is why nations of people need to do a better job of electing their

This Chinese general was named Sun Tzu and he wrote the pre-eminent
book on waging war and simply titled it… “The Art of War”.

The leaders are either very good at strategic planning and execution, or
they are tragically pathetic and inept. I submit that our nation, the United
States of America, is led by one of the biggest bunch of ‘strategic
dumbasses’ in the history of mankind and government on this planet.

It does not matter how many examples from history, how many brilliant
experts warning them of their folly, or how many times they make the same
mistake again and again, they just keep making those mistakes over and
over again
. They refuse to learn and get things right the second, fifth
or tenth time they do something.

The psychologists and psychiatrists have a way of describing this phenomenon
of human failure:

“they fail to profit from experience.”

Said another way, they reach the state of
stuck-on-stupid and therefore they just stay on stuck-on-stupid. It is sort
of like that idiot who keeps touching the stove top burner to see if it is
still hot… and repeatedly it is still hot and he gets burned. He simply
cannot get the message to lock into his brain ­ “do not ever do that again!”

Their arrogance and the lies they told prevent them from admitting their
mistakes. Their deceit and incompetence would be laughable if it were not
also criminal.

One of the teachings of Sun Tzu in his immortal work The Art of
is thus:

“The greatest general is not the one who can
take the most cities or spill the most blood. The greatest general is
the one who can take Heaven and Earth without waging the battle.”

Trust me, George Walker Bush is too
arrogant to sit down with Vladimir Putin for that conversation. He
would have to humble himself and learn for a change.

The sheer desperation that Washington DC finds itself in has our
all-powerful government using shills and acts tantamount to bribes to try to
“turn back the clock.”

Now those good Bush Buddies over in Saudi Arabia are offering to buy
$2.4 billion in Russian arms, if if if Russia will break ties with Iran
offer Moscow billions to break with Tehran

You can bet all you have that the Saudis know that in coming years Iran will
be the most powerful Islamic nation in that region, not Saudi Arabia.
Americans will have an epiphany when they figure out that Iranian Shia is
not as hateful towards America as is Saudi Wahhabism. That might be yet
another Great Awakening in America for idiot Christians that do not
see the realities of the world as they really are.

Things are now so desperate in Washington DC that a top American diplomat is
soon to meet with the EU and Iran’s nuclear program director in Geneva. That
is a major shift in US policy, but they have no choice.

With Russia siding with Iran, and China too, The Grand Chessboard is
not what our idiot planners intended for it to be. We lost.

Be assured, we have no such leaders at the helm of America today. We have no
such generals executing our war plans dreamed up by moron policy makers in
Washington, DC that are delusional to think they are God or that they
are great.

Sun Tzu would give them all an “F”, and Americans should, too.

There is a lesson in that for America – but it will be up to the citizens of
the United States to come to the realization that our leaders will not learn
that lesson. They have that “fail to profit from experience” malady and it
is apparently incurable within the system they have in place. Like an
alcoholic or drug addict, first they have to admit they have a problem and
then, and only then, can help work. First, they have to admit they lied and
they were dead wrong with their “brilliant scheme”.

To admit their sins, they would have to confess their lies, their treason,
their crimes against humanity, their genocide for oil, their war crimes and
even their sins. I cannot speak for you, but I am not going to hold my
breath waiting for any of that to happen.

George W Bush just announced on July 14, 2008 that he is lifting the
Executive Order ban on offshore drilling and urged Congress to join
with him.

Why would he do that now?

Seriously, did it take our decisive “Great
” that long to make that decision… or did something just
happen and he had no choice?

I submit it is the latter.


You decide:

  1. Both my instincts and my sources say it
    is because after almost 30 years of plotting, scheming and
    conniving, the Caspian Basin is now lost to the US and UK. By hiding
    their greed and lust for power and control behind a Global War on
    aimed at Islam, they have now managed to accomplish
    absolutely nothing in over six years except to blow trillions of
    dollars in vain and get a lot of people killed, both foreign and
    American, based on their lies. The US will get some oil but it
    definitely will not control the Caspian Basin area.

  2. Islamic Turkmenistan recently announced
    that it was going to sell most of its natural gas to China and a
    pipeline will soon be completed to do just that. In the very near
    future, Turkmenistan natural gas will be flowing north into Russia,
    east to China, and southeast into India. All of that natural gas was
    targeted by the US and UK in their tragically flawed Global War on
    Terror… to turn it into American and British controlled natural
    gas. And they failed to do so by any measure one can define as

    This was in a document I presented at ‘

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    9-11 Confronting the
    ‘ – and folks, they still do not have this pipeline done:


    1. 7 Oct 2001: US attacks Taliban under
      War Plan designed, practiced pre-9-11. Target ­ Bridas
      Corporation and their control of the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline
      crossing Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Caspian
      Basin is landlocked, without pipelines not oil or natural gas
      can reach the world markets.

    2. 8 Feb, 2002: Afghanistan’s interim
      leader Hamid Karzai said he and Pakistani President Pervez
      Musharraf had agreed to revive a plan for a trans-Caspian gas
      pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan.

    3. 27 Dec, 2002: Central Asia pipeline
      deal signed; An agreement has been signed in the Turkmen
      capital, Ashgabat, paving the way for construction of a gas
      pipeline from the Central Asian republic through Afghanistan to

    4. 23 Feb 2003: OPEC agrees to fund the
      pipeline and Bush has guaranteed to protect it with U.S. troops
      (without telling United States citizens). “23-02-03
      Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan (TAP) have signed a
      protocol for trans-Afghanistan Gas Pipeline Project.” However,
      some recent reports had indicated that the United States was
      willing to police the pipeline infrastructure through permanent
      stationing of its troops in the region. The US ExIm Bank, the
      Trade and Development Agency (TDA) and the Overseas Private
      Insurance Corporation (OPIC) had also shown readiness to finance
      such a project, if leading American energy giants come forward.


    5. 9 Sept 2003: Bridas prevails at the
      5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals after years of being jerked
      around in Texas courts. A $485+ million arbitration award upheld
      in Bridas SAPIC, et al vs. Turkmenneft and Government of

    6. 22 Mar 2004: U.S. Supreme Court
      denies Writ of Certiorari, upholding 5th Circuit decision. State
      Concern Turkmenneft vs. Bridas, 03-1018

      They played a bad hand and lost.

  3. We shall all be hearing soon about
    pipelines where Kazakhstan oil and gas is headed in the opposite
    direction as the US and UK wanted via the schemes they planned, and
    lied about, and failed to accomplish. Most of Turkmenistan’s energy
    export has already headed the other direction.

  4. Russia and Iran have just signed a major
    oil and natural gas agreement. Therefore, any planned attack on Iran
    by the US or Israel will now be viewed by Russia as a direct attack
    on the interests of Russia. If you do not know how to play chess,
    that is called CHECKMATE. Game over.

  5. Iran is selling $400 billion in oil and
    LNG to China under a long-term contract. They are also bringing
    online, right now, 2 million metric tons per year in ethylene
    capacity at Asaluyeh on the Persian Gulf.
    Iran has no reasons whatsoever to close the Strait of Hormuz except
    in response to a direct attack by the US and/or Israel.

  6. Iran, Pakistan and India recently
    entered into an agreement for the IPI Pipeline that will supply
    natural gas and oil to India.

Folks, that all adds up to colossal amounts of
oil and natural gas that are not going to the US nor will the US or UK be in
control of that “distribution and revenues” I recently wrote about.

  • Did the Great Decider stand before America on July 14 and admit his defeat?

  • Did George W Bush admit that
    after almost 30 years of deceit and plans to
    take over the Caspian Basin, that those best laid plans from DC have failed

  • Did he share with America, in sort of Christian fashion
    of truth-telling,
    that he has failed all his life and, as of just recently, history will
    record that his presidency failed to achieve anything good?

The ‘tide of
truth’ is more like a tsunami as their DC lies are unveiled one after
another for the entire world to see.

No, he staged a press conference to state that America needs to find oil and
gas… quickly. Somehow, he failed to mention any of the real reasons for
such ‘urgency’.

Just do the math, folks.

For almost 30 years, our government and the UK have lied, schemed, connived
to take over the Caspian Basin and its vast oil and gas resources.


They failed.


They have two routes out for pipelines – through
Afghanistan or across the Caspian Basin and through Georgia to the Black
Sea. They have failed to instigate either. Others are getting the pipelines
done and the oil and gas is not headed in the direction that the US or UK
can control.

They created Al Qaeda all the way back during the Carter Administration, and
still failed.

They had to come up with an excuse to attack Afghanistan so they would have
the pipeline right-of-way to get that oil and gas to world markets. They
failed to achieve that, as well.

What was the excuse they came up with to attack Afghanistan?

September 11, 2001
… so they could launch the big lie of the
fatally-flawed Global ‘War
on Terror
.’ I knew on that day that the rattlesnake within our
government had bitten itself.

Without firing a single shot, Russia, China, India and Iran now control the
vast amounts of natural gas and oil in that part of the world. Bridas
just keeps building pipelines and Bush cannot get even one done.
Even the former USSR states of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan now
realize that they can no longer wait on the idle promises and pipedreams of
Bush and Blair
, or the threats they receive behind the scenes from those

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Yes, and true, for pens and
commercial contracts have just defeated what has to be the dumbest war plan
in the history of mankind, the Global War on Terror. The greatest military
power on Earth has been humbled, thwarted and defeated by commercial
contracts and pens.

What is the lesson that our leaders will fail to learn, fail to admit as
their big mistake, the error that started them on their path to being war
criminals? Never, never, start a fabricated war against any religion or any
contrived enemy… most especially if the owners of what you are after happen
to be Islamic.

What I have been watching since September 11, 2001 are the darkest hours of
my nation’s history. My country has been grievously wounded by these idiots
and I am not sure at this time if my nation is going to recover.

They say “it isn’t over until the Fat Lady sings.” Bush might as well have
let her sing the aria because from this point forward the US is not going to
get what it thought it would out of the Caspian Basin. That is the
proverbial bottom line.

That is why Bush now has to get his butt in gear and start finding oil and
gas, and producing it, rather than try to steal it with fabricated, illegal
wars of aggression.

Most Americans have not read the book I wrote, ‘One-Way Ticket to Crawford,
Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out

In closing, this is what I have thought since Desert Storm, 1991, ten years
before 9-11-2001:

“We have some folks in the White House who
have a serious case of Oil on the Brain and think they have to line up
one fight after another so they and their wealthy buddies can get really
filthy rich. Probably an incurable case of Oil on the Brain and I submit
it is to the point that they are no longer fit or capable of leadership.
It seems to be an incurable disease; it sure has been for a lot of our
American troops.”

That was in direct reference to their Global War
on Terror
strategy and its real objectives of taking over the oil and
natural gas of both the Caspian Basin and Iraq.

The finish of that part of the chapter 11 also revealed what their next
great fiasco is:

“Africa, [1]
is now of “vital US Strategic Interests” [2]
since that nation will be up to 25% of our total oil imports. Don’t
forget about that Cheney investigation going on down Nigeria way
and over in France regarding $160 to $180 million in Halliburton bribes
while he was CEO of that company. Maybe that is what the “strategic
interest” is all about, as in covering his butt, fines, incarceration,
or somebody ripping the lid off a Bush Cheney secret, secret, secret.
Halliburton = sleaze, sleaze and more sleaze.
Must be a model of Peterson –
Snow Blue Ribbon Corporate Governance.


Just think – Africa is next! See Dick run
(to Africa). When you finish this chapter the only thing you will want
to see is GW and Dick run out of office for good cause.”

I also revealed in that chapter the easiest
way to prove who did 9-11
. It is really not Osama bin Laden. That is a
Fairy Tale for American Sheeple so they will not watch too closely or
ask too many questions.

The Truth is going to come out America and most Americans are going to be
stunned and ashamed of what has been done in our name.

Liars always fail in the long run and George W Bush is abject proof
of that.




Illustrating the basis for such statements, in 2001 Vice President
Dick Cheney
‘s report on a US National Energy Policy declared Africa
to be one of America’s “fastest-growing sources of oil and gas”. By
February 1, 2002, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs,
Walter Kansteiner, declared: “This [African oil] has become of
national strategic interest to us.” And a December 2001 report by the US
National Intelligence Council, Global Trends 2015, forecast that by 2015
a full quarter of US oil imports would come from Africa.



May 2002: Company announces that it is being investigated for accounting
irregularities regarding cost overruns on engineering and construction

April 2003: Reports surface that the Bush
administration, without a public bidding, awarded a two-year, $7-billion
contract to the company to fight oil fires in Iraq.

December 2003: Allegations surface that a
subsidiary made $180 million in bribes to secure a $4.9 billion contract
to build a natural-gas plant in Nigeria.

January 2004: Company discloses that a
subsidiary paid $2.4 million to a Nigerian official’s business in
exchange for favorable tax treatment. In a separate case, the company
admits that two employees accepted kickbacks of about $6.3 million after
helping a subcontractor bilk the Pentagon for work in Iraq.

February 2004: U.S. officials allege that
the company overbilled the government $27.4 million for meals served to
troops abroad.

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