UHM – Jesuits control the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations

UHM – Jesuits control the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations

by THEUNHIVEDMIND, theunhivedmind.com
April 21st 2012

UHM – Jesuits control the Tavistock
Institute for Human Relations

Tavistock Institute for Human Relations is subordinate to the wishes of The Worshipful Company of Mercers and New Jerusalem aka City of London. The City of London has been dominated by the Jesuits since 1814 onwards but their power goes on and off way back before this especially within the Honourable East India Company which was again a Mercers tool and no where near as powerful as people thought compared to the Mercers who created the damn thing along with creating the Bank of England and British Intelligence for starters.

When the Jesuits were suppressed by the Pope this is where they showed their true self more and used their Protestant connected arms based in England and The City of London. The Jesuits bought about the Rothschild alliance and the takeover began utilizing this monster Bavarian Order of the Illuminati created by Giuseppe Balsamo and fronted by sheep-dipped Jesuit soldier, Adam Weishaupt of the University of Ingolstadt. Why do you think Weishaupt got the Jesuits back into the Vatican when he was supposedly against them and the Catholic Church? By 1814 the Jesuits took the Vatican as their very own which was revenge for 1314 and 1773. By 1870 this was almost overtly seen with the Doctrine of Infallibility by the First Vatican Council.

The Jesuits lost a lot of power and wealth during their suppression but they rebuilt their power and wealth just the same. They always still had their massive south Americas reductions wealth but this needed to be placed in Protestant banks because Catholic bankers would have fleeced them completely for the Holy See. So basically this alliance was formed and the Jesuits head the power and command because everyone knows their knowledge and power as being number one in the World. The Rothschild’s and Sabbatean Merchants would look after almost all of the wealth side of back then and even today they have a large part of the operation. Their are secret bankers and banks many have not heard of who have far more wealth and power than the Rothschild’s. Back during the suppression and for a while afterwards these were still enemies but they are now well within the fold under the Jesuit Order. The Rothschild family are known as the guardians of the Vatican Treasury. You have for instance the Pallavicini family who’ve controlled the Rothschild’s since day one and the Cecil family. The Pallavicini have wealth far in excess of the Rothschild. The Nattino family are also a banking family that are not very well known by the masses. This family run the Bank Finnat right near the Chiesa del Gesu of the Jesuits in Piazza del Gesu. You’ll also notice Giampietro Nattino’s connection to the London Stock Exchange Group at New Jerusalem which also controls the Borsa Italiana.

The Jesuits are not Sabbatean but ended up closer to these than imagined due to this suppression and it worked very well indeed. Not surprising when you know that Sabbatai Zevi was a creation by the Jesuit Order in order to split up the Judaics into two branches for divide and conquer purposes as usual. In 1814 the City of London was taken away from the Holy See and Knights of Malta (Ad Providam 1312) and handed to the Jesuits, Holy See and Sabbatean Frankists/Knights of Malta the later being subordinated finally in 1798 after hundreds of years being an enemy of the Knights Templar and Jesuits since 1768. Remember the real surviving Knights Templars are the Jesuit Order originating from Aragon out of the Order of the Calatrava and Order of the Montesa. All others such as the Knights of Christ based in Portugal were seen as inferior by the Jesuits because the Pope wanted them destroyed but not the Aragon Templars. Only those allowed into Aragon are true surviving Templars but had to change their name by order of the Pope of Rome.

Just one of the reasons the Jesuit Jacobites created the original twenty-five degrees of the soon to be Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the 18th Century which then formed in 1804 in the U.S. with the added new eight degrees. This new Order was connected to Alexandre Francois Auguste de Grasse (son of Knight of Malta, François Joseph Paul de Grasse). Alexandre then exported the Order out back into Scotland and mainland Europe starting with France. This Order was created to usurp and destroy all other forms of Freemasonry (Templarism) such as the St Sinclair Freemasonry of Scotland and the Grand Orient of France. Understand? This is why the overt head of the Scottish Rite is the House of the Temple run by The Supreme Council, 33° based in Washington D.C (Land of the Jesuit military might). The real head now covertly controlled from Vatican City within two lodges of the Grand Lodge Ekklesia. A more known control point of the Scottish Rite is of course the one at the Piazza di Gesu right near the Chiesa del Gesu tomb of Ignatius Loyola, the front man of Francis Borgia. You want power in Freemasonry? Look to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and remember Albert Pike was a puppet of Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ just as Brigham Young of the Mormon Cult was. The latter being admitted on the Curia Generalizia website itself. Take a look at the Vengeance degree of the Scottish Rite and then take a very close look at the thirty-second degree connection to the Jesuit Order. The Order that has always sought revenge for their Templar brothers of the past.

Anything the City of London controls you can rest assured its run at the top by the Jesuits through what I’ve told you above. You also need to study the Congress of Vienna in 1814. The Jesuits and the New Holy Roman Empire use the British Empire as the proxy controller of the U.S. Empire and soon the Chinese Empire before the World Company Inc Empire is bought forth. Other than Borgo Santo Spirito the main base of the Jesuits really is Washington D.C. The City of London, British Monarchy and British Intelligence are all monitored and controlled by the Jesuit Provincial Office at 114 Mount Street in Westminster, London. This office is subject only to the power of the Curia Generalizia and in truth no one else regardless of veils such as the Papal Nuncio and Holy See. The Jesuits utilize their Archbishop of Westminster and families like Percy and Howard in their command structure.

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