LulzSec, FBI, CIA, AntiSec, Sabu, AnonOps… Government Social Media Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong

Joseph K. Black

Social Media Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong

Mon Feb 28 04:46:25 CST 2011


Update: On October 31, 2011, Joseph K. Black was arrested by Nebraska police officers after a 35 minute car chase spanning four counties, during what was described as one of his psychotic episodes. For more details and the police reports, read all about it. In addition, a full criminal history on Black is available.

Given the inane amount of joseph black babble to come from Joseph K. Black via Facebook and Twitter in late January of 2011, we’ll spare everyone a lot of the gory details and just post a few short examples of why Black will not only never obtain his dream job of National Cybersecurity Advisor, but will likely end up working the counter at a Runza near you some time in the near future, provided he doesn’t end up in prison.

Simply put, Black has designs on being appointed “National Cybersecurity Advisor” by the Obama administration. While that in itself may be an admirable goal, Black seems to think that self-promotion, being top 10 on search results and outlandish claims through social media outlets will help his cause more than, say, actual experience and contributions to the security industry (“cyber” or otherwise). Moving into February, his big thing became some fictional “megacommunity” (“Google it!” he says) with imaginary ties to every government agency, big service provider and anything else that he fancies.


With his inability to use Twitter and Facebook correctly, posting everything three or four times, he betrays the notion that he is an expert at anything. Because really, Twitter is hard to figure out. According to Black, he is the Ben Roethlisberger of Cybersecurity, the Governor of Cyberspace, the King of Cyberspace, the John Wayne of Cyberspace, the Michael Jordan of Cybersecurity, the Smokey the Bear of Cybersecurity, the Captain of the Cool Kids and a Cybersecurity ROCKSTAR! We could cite dozens of examples of his general idiocy here, but a short few should paint a clear picture of the level of e-tard we’re dealing with:


The @Gregory_D_Evans Twitter account summed it all up very nicely in one tweet:

It should be noted that before Black “went full retard” as mentioned above, Lyger did try to personally and privately contact Black twice via email to open a dialogue. Neither email was answered:


Whether he’s just overzealous, delusional, a net-kook, or a simple troll, we’re done with him. Desperate and irrelevant, Black has had his 15 minutes of notoriety (not “fame”, as he probably thinks) and like all good trolls, his time too has passed. He isn’t relevant enough to include on Errata: Charlatan, so he ended up here, on Postal: Asshats.

*PLONK* .. we’ll leave you with this mess:



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