Aspergers & the Alien: Synesthesia….and Aspergers

Synesthesia….and Aspergers

Okay, so I looked it up and the ability to taste words is called lexical-gustatory. The funny thing is..I have a really hard time pronouncing, saying, new words that I see or even some fairly common ones. Take synesthesia..I cannot figure out how you would say that word. I don’t have the ability to sound out words in my own head. Just last night I finally was able to figure out acai because I heard it on a tv show. And it sounded nothing like what I thought it might sound like.
Anyway, so synesthesia is Greek for “to perceive together” oft referred to perceiving senses together. Big Red, my dictionary says: a process in which one type of stimulus produces a secondary, subjective sensation, as when some color evokes a specific smell.
I actually had no idea that some words “evoked” a taste sensation until I was writing in my blog tonight.
So before I go delving into a google search of the whole thing, I’d like to play a bit more.
Peace…is a darker shade of blue, someones arms held open, it smells like perfume. The visual is of a person, in silhouette standing upon a hilltop with the sun low on the is a promise and it tastes like jello.
Trudge…is of soldiers boots, thick in mud, going up a hill, olive drab green, it smells like mud and feels rather hopeless. It tastes like burned toast.
Okay, i would like to find reference, or the correct words to find the name for..when I see a word, I immediately see a visual image…like a short film, regarding that word. Maybe it is just visual thinking..I’m not sure….Anyway, playtime…
Sanctify-(ok, I am seeing where the words bring up pictures that are often an association, almost a visual dictionary for me) I see a sanctuary, a church. It smells like sage which is kindof like incense. Why it would taste like tender cooked chicken is beyond me.
Delirious is just like it sounds, head spinning with a slight drool. Words spinning slowly around ones head, confusion.Tastes like spumoni ice cream, a couple of different minty flavors mixed together.
Whisper, ahh, I like whisper because it is so soft and gentle. Its like an almost kiss or the anticipation thereof. Visually, it is sitting on a horse, at dusk. It makes me smile..its a slight giggle. Like warm mittens or an incidental brush across my cheek. There is a lot of dark blue and it tastes like berry.
Languid…is long and drawn out, a slow moving stream. It tastes like “after” eating a fish dinner.
Yeah, I am thinking that my synesthesia is my brains way of making up for not being able to sound out words, (shhh, I don’t think that I have ever admitted that to anyone..been working real hard at hiding that fact) so it has put in place a visual system whereby I can make sense of things. Its rather interesting.
PS. the photo is one I took. I decided to play with my camera and the reflection of the tree lights on the window

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