TRANSCRIPT of Israeli SOG Interrogating US Citizen- EVIDENCE

That citizen was me. The Interrogations occurred on very specific dates that coincided with my data plans that created an opportunity to access my PC and log files on a hacked PC~ a botnet used for Remote Access (Shady RAT) for exactly 364 days.


Special Operations.

 Black Ops.

Psychological Operations.

Operations Phoenix, Pegasus, Artichoke, Chatter, Monarch, Spellbinder, Paperclip and all MKULTRA sub-projects. 

Master Programmer.

Research and Development.

“Tinker Bell for President, Occupy Wonderland.” 

Tinker AFB, Alice in Wonderland Programming. Project Monarch, Lulz, Occupy, and there you have it. Mind Control Slavery for the New World Order. 

MKULTRA: Making Killers Using Lethal Trade-craft Requiring Assassination. 

After multiple attempts to recruit me [Mossad] he cut all ties and used Blackwater (Xe / Academi ) trained operatives to contact me using known CIA victims of torture to deliver cryptic messages to access information for covert operations– specifically my ex, my father, my sister, my brothers and my “Holly-weird” connections (Terminator, Aliens, Jurassic Park and my extended family through Skynet~ the real one.) 

Thank god for Aspergers and HUMINT 4.2

My name is ELyssa. I did this for you. I did this for
all of us. 

“You may not care how much I know, but you don’t know how much I care.” ~Elyssa Durant © 2007-2012

Illuminati InSighter (Moriah)
Under Fire, Under Surveillance
United States of America

Elohim Emet Daniel

11:44am May 16, 2012



Subject: Special Ops: Exhibit B  Nashville TN


Begin forwarded message:

Subject: USA  Military Special Ops: Exhibit B  Nashville TN

Date: 2011 January 24 04:41:23 GMT-05:00
 Conversation between @vaxen_var and @elyssad

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)

2011-01-24 04:43

Hablo eBOT pero cuando necesita hablo en música o matemáticas o illuminati lingüística Symbols of the Elite.

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)

2011-01-24 04:21

טלית עליזאה דאבידה מםישחאה

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:17

Ok. Gotta go. Thankyou SO much for the conversation & everything. Sending courage your way. DOn’t forget MiCha-EL though. Great protector!☺

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:15

So you don’t speak Hebrew. Well, you can learn! 😉 Just Kvetching a bit with ya. 😉

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:14

And the rub really is that there is no such thing as “Jewish” blood! What a rip! Moishele Amschel! 😉

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)

2011-01-24 04:12

Rothschilds I think. Moms mom verified Jewish. You need two generations of full blood to get in.

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:05

At midaberet Ivrit?

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:05

Turtelage! Oy! Tutelage!

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:04

So your papa divorced and remarried?

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:03

Mother Jewish?

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:03

Also was a Breshlaver Hassid under the turtelage of Gedalia Koenig. Sat Yeshiva on Tzion and … how “Jewish” are you?

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:02

I did Aliya. You know what that is yes? WOrked with LaTaM. 9 years in the ME. Ok. Whole nuther facet begins to open up. Considered Aliya?

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 04:00

Are you familiar with Cathy Obrian’s “TheTrance Formation of America?” SHe was ‘Monarch’ for the Company.

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 03:58

Your iPhone isn’t a phone? You can skype, yes?

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 03:57

Your brothers BC had to b changed

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)

2011-01-24 03:57

I’m Jewish. My brothers are half but not enough to get them into gaza. I had to reorder my birth certificate (stating religion) and JFS demanded letter from rabbi for verification.

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 03:56

bb as in bulletin board? Oh… you’re involved.

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)

2011-01-24 03:54

I think my dad is playing for both teams. Definitely illuminati, possibly Zionist.

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)

2011-01-24 03:52

I don’t have a phone. My bb had 45 root certificates from DoD & NSA. My dad sent me file PDF from Munich. I opened it and got – e-erased

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)

2011-01-24 03:51

We’re all going through it. Nature of the game. Gotta GFN. BBL. Be safe & take care of yourself first & foremost. *Hugs*

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:49

I’d suggest worrying less about jude & get the info you need to take control of your phone…first.

vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:48
Do you have a ‘help’ file on your system? Use it. ALl the info youneed is there. How to stricture as well as allow accounts etc.
vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:47
You have to set your permissions. I tweeted how earlier on…
vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:45
Sounds like spyware… I’d suggest you familiarise yourself with Admin Procedure. You can block them all…
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-01-24 03:44
You read my mind the only way out is through. I’m going through it right now. 3:47 am. Jude will be up in approximate 2 hours. Dad knows
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-01-24 03:43
I have a new visitor on my pc. Network called barnacle. WTF is going on?
vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:36
The RepublicIs The House That No One Lives In
vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:35
vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:34
A few links
vaxen_var (@vaxen_var)
2011-01-24 03:32
I agree that that would be a good thing to do. But it isn’t the only way out. “The way out is through.” – Emerson
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-01-24 03:31
The only way out is to leave the us.

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