MNPD Crime Data: Report No. 20110181541 Victim: “Elyssa Surant”

Larceny, Metro Nashville Police Dept. Report No. 20110171541
Victim: Elyssa “Surant”

Date: May 16, 2012 
Felony assault, attempted murder, and more…

Bastard never even got charged.

Surveillance not reviewed.

And the Lieutenant spelled my name incorrectly on the larceny report.

I could make jokes about the irony of mail and identity theft Report No. 20120271551 because despite having multiple witnesses, physical evidence, bank statements detailing time and location of the stolen credit
card not a single arrest was made.

FOUR units on site for over three hours including the Lieutenant who insulted me once again by SPELLING my name wrong on the Police Report.





Date: May 15, 2012
Subject: Houston, We Have A Problem [DRaFT]

As quoted by Cathy O’Brien, CIA Nashville, Tennessee

Project Monarch

Wrong name, wrong address! 

Insurance also made changes shortly after I filed report with Metro Police that mailbox was broken into.

The first two officers refused to take report. Field Operations told me to call and file report.

Lieutenant and four other officers spent  three hours after I posted crime scene photo, AGAINST Metro dispatch policy (one man per car; one unit per incident) 

Failed to arrest anybody and told me to blah blah blah blah… Hand over cell phone with no warrant.


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