US Coup d’état Or Cyberwar by @ELyssaD Durant, Ed.M. ©

May 15, 2012 Forgive typos. This is part 3 of multipart series. Unfortunately, parts 1 and 2 were already #pwned and removed.

Send, baby, send… ^ed 3:33pm May 15, 2012

Elyssa D. Durant, Ed.M. © 2012 Research Analyst, United States

(Parts I and II to follow~ I hope)
Fourteen months in the works… I was afraid of that.

I see Gregory Evans, Lamo, Sabu, Joseph K. Black; Ligatt; Black & Berg ALL FAKE PRESS RELEASES using altered dox and Socially Engineered Accounts (Identity Theft / Impersonation) Illegally obtained medical, financial, “DOX” obtained through extortion, entrapment, blackmail, wire fraud, and misuse of computer (what they charged McKinnon with) NOTE: Applies to cell phones as well! FEDERAL Juris Diction and I would argue the shit out of this case if I were representing GM~ The Government of the United States has PROOF of US and UK citizens tampering with evidence in federal cases currently appeals (Durant vs FSA: Data Protection Act) for one.

I am their muse. Buy the T-shirt and request proof of charitable 501(c)(3) status, and add another federal offense to the docket.

Equitable Tolling applies and witness intimidation is on par with obstruction of justice…
RICO. No question, no doubt. RICO! Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. 18 USC Chapter 96.

1970. Daddy’s last year at Harvard, where he served as the Editor of the Harvard International Law Review. Just before we moved to Delaware (Disney, DuPont, BANKING)

And became the person I need to become today.

For those who know me, thank you. For those who sat by and watched, I have left a paper trail and digital DNA everywhere that WILL surface. With or without me, paranoid or grandiose, I learned my lesson.

I may only have an advanced masters from the doormat of the Ivy League, but my daddy taught me everything I needed to know when he was too busy with 

Assistant US Attorney; Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations for the Department of Justice? Infosecisland made that public just about the same time they “accidentally” posted his firms’ Escrow (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts) for Madoff and Milken. And me.

Jaded went 404 the same day I told
my father. Coincidence? Or conspiracy.

Trust me, I know RICO.

I know RICO Conspiracy. And I know chances are this will never see the inside of a courtroom. Charge the whole kit and caboodle. 18 USC 1029 One login = one felony.

I have proof. So does my father, aka “Agent Daddy” Named by the very same people who named the “new” Jester before the account surfaced on Twitter or in Infosecisland.

It came to my attention via email through a very “well protected” source started a discussion on Linked In that was all too familiar of the infamous LulzSec scandal EXACTLY one year ago.

Posted under Operation Aurora for CyberSecurity “professionals” the post appears to be shady as hell for reasons I will expand upon later.

I am already being hacked by the best of the best and they are on me like flies on shit using Megaphone (an Israeli social media tool) to alert and divert any posts that incriminate these scum sucking dirt bags.

I will try to repost the “aha” article that caused automatic shutdown and DNS redirect within minutes of posting my early morning masterpiece.

ON LINKED IN: DISCUSSION STARTED BY NEAL RAUHAUSER White Hood vs. White Hat @th3j35tr trolls @Krypt3ia ******* NOTE ********
I added the @ sign before th3j35tr I don’t know if this is the Jester or not, I don’t know if is a faux feud, or a faux account; what I do know is that the article and name appeared before the twitter handle and byline were published.

As were many tweets referencing the “new” account handle (hashtag and WordPress site) hours before the
masses began to speculate on the new (presumed) twitter handle and *slightly* modified identity began trending.

This scandal is unfolding in a way that is all to familiar.

I know it.

My readers know it, and so does the FBI, (Headquarters) and every single person who has half a brain. I’m calling it, now. RICO Conspiracy, PsyOp, False Flag, Cruel, Unusual, Libel, Fraud, Theft, Abuse of Discretion, Obstruction of Justice, Entrapment, Extortion, Wire Fraud, Identity Theft, Bribery, and Misuse of Computers and mobile devices.

“Unprecedented” DIGG! Elohim Emet Daniel

Let the chips fall where they may. #GoDaddy

To be continued…
ELyssa D. Durant, Ed.M. Research Analyst by Training
Intelligence Analyst by Default

#pwned United States of America
Poster Child for LulzSec HumanE being; HumanE Doing

Comments not welcome. Not today.





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