That blows, because I need to file a payroll dispute, complaint against the fuckers who dropped the case and fired the attorney the week before my hearing; and deal with HR for misreporting my income to IRS SSA DHS and totally screwing me out of benefits for the last 13 years. Thanks, Karl. I’ll be sure to use your name as a reference since you used mine. Fair is fair. Need to do what dad would do when dealing with corrupt politicians and incompetent police… set up a back up remote control voice activated wire tap before I make that phone call. Easy enough. It’s a one party state, and if my dad can wire tap the FBI, I can certainly wiretap my home for security. Hint fucking hint. Do your job before someone finds *just* the right email @pastebin Fix your records, and stop patronizing me. I’m really good at putting the finest details into perspective… 11/22/2007 1/20/2008 March 2008 sting operation. E-MAILS @pastebin !!!! Go get ’em before someone else does!
Interstate! Not to mention intercepting benefits info from the federal government sent electronically from Munich, Germany. Already have ruling that my federal law rights were violated, $100 / day in federal fines alone. No one ever thanked me for not filing a lawsuit to collect what was rightfully mine.

So keep up the good work… It makes my job that much easier. Blatant pattern is emerging. Deeper and deeper it gets. I can blow the whistle. It is not as I have to worry about Gitmo since I’m not bound by military code or employment contracts. I’m wondering what their excuse will be for putting the wrong name on the mail theft and credit card fraud. Patterns.



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