Reality Bytes: #DMCA TAKE DOWN – The CONTELPRO Legacy: His story (and hers)

#DMCA TAKE DOWN – The CONTELPRO Legacy: His story (and hers)

Daily dose of TM

Staus: Halted in progress (yay me @ElyssaD)

I don’t if know if you received this email. My netbook crashed as I as sending and it froze for 26 hours.

But I did the information for SafeLink program which is wonderful because my extremely “bazaar” and changes the cell service every few days without informing me. Tmobile will not provide information at all so I can’t access email because they reset the password. Ironically, the ONE legal snafu with that little welfare phone…  the bitch fucked me there too… by claiming me AGAIN as a dependent in New York State.

As you know she claimed as a dependent on her tax returns without my consent or knowledge.

The IRS informed me of this breach since every time I went to file my taxed they were rejected by the IRS because it showed up a duplicate Tax (Social Security ID)

She claims that her accountant did and she knew nothing about it (if you could only picture my face and feel the sarcasm in voice as I am forced to repeat this information time and time again to any and all “agencies” who make inquired) she however does see this as a problem and refuses to file an amended return (cost $70.00) so once again I am rendered incapable of establishing independent (in every sense of the

In addition, my father, well… Here we go…

My father as you know agreed to be my representative payee for Social Security disability. Obviously that was a big mistake on my part and has yet to be resolved. Congressman Cooper’s office totally dropped the ball and said there is nothing they can do. I requested that reopen the investigation, and despite my persistent nice (which is both annoying and immense) they simply do pretend that I don’t exist. Governor Bredesen sent an email telling me to call the President.

Seriously, are you kidding me?

So this is where we stand: no Social Security never received the money that received in ITOLA account during the months I spent sleeping in my car or at the lake last summer.

And yes. I did spend a week or so at “The Mission” when I ran out of gas, energy, and hope last August. My father still was receiving the money, but did not pay bills, or release to me in time to prevent the inevitable total disconnection of any and all services (utilities) making it near impossible to re-establish service. They required excessive fees for deposits and past due balances.

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