Crime Scene Photos, Nashville, TN


Begin forwarded message:

From: PowersThatBeat
Date: March 27, 2012 5:24:56 PM CDT
To: Mom
Cc: Dad
Subject: 5 out of 7 nights, police fire ambulance

No arrests made, I did not call police, neighbors did because monitor did nothing. Stabbing.

I called mgmt and they moved
Me here. Police said it was mgmt responsibility, Mgmt says it police. Rusty sent memo about crime suppression unit, Dana Campbell was given police report and never returned my call.

Judge issued restraining order AND made it clear that I’m the victim and they have to stay away from me. Felony assault conviction also reported to mgmt this was 8 months ago.

They showed up here to harass and threaten me which is violation of Urban Housing Policy.

Monitor threatened me and there are witnesses, he called the police but there is no “official complaint” the monitor should have reported the person who threatened me, AND the mailbox break in. He is not doing his job.

Meanwhile, several other crimes have occurred and I STILL did not report trying to be “cordial”

The work order went in last Sunday. Monitor stopped maintenance man from finishing the job.

Monitor claims to be TBI. If he were TBI than he should know that I am following judges orders AND state and federal law to project myself since there are active death threats (from convicted criminals) against me, and my father.

I did not complain until it Nazi flags and several people got stabbed by same person who threatened me and threw brick through safety glass and vowed to kill me.

Then I posted video because I felt my life was in immediate danger and the surveillance cams were never reviewed.

I am the victim, and the police promised extra patrols. I haven’t seen em, but mgmt and metro have crime suppression unit in OLD apartment AFTER I moved out.

Too little too late. Poor lady got stabbed by someone who has HIV. Same neighbors who told me he had gun. “you don’t need to worry about me throwing a brick through your window. One  bullet, you will be dead.”

I called monitor, not police.

Monitor didn’t even report it or call police. He has since been picked up for grand theft auto~ same car had no tags.  Violation of State law and Landlord’s policy.


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