Hack the IRS. I dare you.

Filing taxes online and this overrides my network. Time to call Daddy. I see a major fly in the ointment because I am filing as an employee of Metro Nashville Government (pension and all)

This could turn ugly… And I’m kinda hoping it does. SOmebody should have investigated when Black & Berg went down. Too little, too late. Stay off my network, stop intercepting and redirecting my browser.

I bet somewhere, there is an attorney just dying to get their hands into this case.

I’m dying to let them. I suggest you stand down, because my dad is one expert you don’t want to fuck with. And the year I’m filing is the very same year… Well, let’s just say, juris diction is everything. My father took temporary receivership after I was diagnosed and rushed into surgery for (thank heavens) benign tumor on my
Left breast.

Upon seeing the ridiculous way my Congressman and Legal Aid Responded, he wrote a letter asking Tennessee to investigate and resolve the errors in my IRS, Social Security, and Health Insurance benefits. Tennessee #FAIL

Big time.

And I’m in your backyard, and I can’t even get a secure connection to fax my dad the information I received from the IRS that could change my life. And, man, am I pissed!



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