29 USC 1132 Federal Rights Violated

Dear Hackers and fuckwits! As you can see, I have some federally enforceable rights that have been violated. Ms. Durant (yours truly) gave the Blues and the Feds a free pass as gift in 1995, and this is how you repay me? My father, Marc Durant transferred the responsibility of resolving repeated violations of ERISA by the Federal and State Government to Tennessee who have repeatedly failed to resolve or investigate violations of my “federally enforceable” civil rights in 2009. Clearly we have an issue! The statute of limitations HAD expired, but you retards have now given me a brand new reason to request an extension and press charges and collect federal fines worth a pretty penny. I don’t think “Agent Daddy” will like that very much. And I for damn sure the Government does not want this case reopened or examined by jury of my peers or the Free Press! Guess what? Too late! When an ex-cop in the City of Philadelphia who was involved in “the largest police and political corruption scandal in US history” tells you to “trust no one” in Nashville, you know you have a problem. Well, guess what? We have a fucking problem. And no matter how you try and spin it, “the fact of this harm is readily ascertainable.”

Equitable tolling now applies since the nature and severity of the crimes are so severe that the courts extended the statute of limitations for victims of police brutality, witness intimidation, and political corruption. Recent events (evidence can be found in numerous locations across the world wide webs) show that the city of Nashville and the local PD have participated in an organized effort to discredit, destroy, and delete the EL-ite. #Moriah

The fear factor has been replaced with a new found dedication, resilience and personal commitment and resolve to see that this behavior and brutal tactics be exposed and brought to justice. My name is ELyssa, Elyssa Durant. “I will not be ignored and I will not be forgotten” and someday you may realize that crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it. Keep digging… The truth is out there. Just me,

@ELyssaD™ http://elyssadurant.com

This is the DailyDDoSe™ February 20, 2012 ©



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2 Responses to 29 USC 1132 Federal Rights Violated

  1. Elyssa Durant says:

    Haha! Now you’ve and pissed me off, hell hath no fury like a woman with nothing left to lose! ^ed

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