Just in case… SWAN SONG by Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

Date: February 3, 2012 
Fwd: Just in case… #MNPD


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From: PowersThatBeat <powersthatbeat@gmail.com>
Date: February 3, 2012 2:35:20 CST
Subject: Fwd: Just in case…


Date: February 2, 2012 9:39:35 CST
Fwd: Just in case…

SAVE!!!!!!! Vaxen 1/22/12 
“Wanna Play?” 

Fuck NO! TYVM!

Print hard copies I can’t from here. Not from iPhone. 

This seals HIS coffin… 

I am my father’s daughter. 



“We against the world” 
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From: PowersThatBeat <powersthatbeat@gmail.com>
Date: January 21, 2012 14:21:36 CST
To: Vaxen Var <stormulf@gmail.com>, powersthatbeat@gmail.com
Subject: Just in case…


January 21, 2011
Nashville, Tennessee
Statement by ELyssa Durant, Ed.M.

CyberStalked, hacked, and fed up with ignorant fucks who don’t realize that it is normal to be a little paranoid after receiving multiple death threats and being assaulted twice in 24 hours.

Not only did the police fail to arrest one of the two people who threw a brick through my window, but took so long to show up that Timothy Roan assaulted two other people before the police showed up.

He has vowed to kill me before the trial next month and he has made two additional attempts on my life.

I contacted a former friend and colleague in “high places” as a courtesy since I had publicly blasted the current administration for being more concerned with public opinion and approval ratings (using questionable methods in reporting crime statistics; hiring auditors who may or may not have the necessary experience required by Metro Council to embark on such an important task; the highly publicized audit of MNPD could easily make or break the difference between the difference between one or two terms for Mayor Karl Dean)

Well, I have issues with Metro. I have issues with many (most) Metro services and have the audacity to express my concerns and detailed the experience online and on several websites and forums that address political corruption and police brutality.

So when I posted a blog post about  how the police treated me and the other victims who are being harassed, threatened, and intimidated by the officers assigned to investigate the case, I find it
more than a little interesting that the “investigator” was asking questions that seemed to indicate he had been spoon fed information about my past~ specifically questions about a SOC-alled  sting operation gone bad.

He asked me the ‘standard’ questions~ questions that he knew I am not supposed to answer; questions about things that would cause any cold witness stress and anxiety.

My “hunch” is the Lieutenant already knew all about March 7 and had been spoon fed information intended to trip me up since I was told 1. not to talk about it on my blog or anywhere else; and 2. Leads me to believe that the police and the state did NOT “loose” the file, they were simply holding it to use against me in the future since the records I obtained omitted and fabricated several key bits of information.


The state lost the files. I DID NOT!

And when he asked me the million dollar question, and my answer did not meet his satisfaction, the Lieutenant told me that he would really like to speak with my father, former deputy chief of criminal investigations for the Department of Justice and Criminal Defense attorney for the largest police corruption case in the history of Philadelphia.

Since my father, L. Marc Durant,  has not seen me times since the trial and has instructed me to destroy any evidence that mentions his name; I can only assume one of two things: The  Lieutenant was given unauthorized access to confidential (sealed) records; or 2. MNPD is in need of an attorney who specializes in Police and Political Corruption to advise them on how to proceed.

Ultimately, the “bad cop” assigned to “investigate” a complaint that came from “higher ups” via the Mayor’s Office and the new Chief of Police did NOT follow through on his promise to obtain additional witness statements from witnesses who would not only corroborate my story but show that the responding Officers failed to follow standard police protocol and procedure, BUT would reveal several other critical bits of information that reveals a pattern of corruption that is far greater than I had realized and indicates that the problems in Metro are part of a deeper conspiracy in effort to suppress evidence that reveals a “long standing pattern of abuse” in a case that has caused irreparable harm to hundreds if mot thousands of individuals in at least three states, I leave you to reflect on  the on the facts of the case that appear online and SHOULD be readily available online @Time @PhillyInquirer @BNET and legal databases such as Westlaw  and Lexis-Nexis unpublished opinions in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Equitable tolling applies since “The Crime That Won’t Go Down” is raising it’s ugly little head in MY HOMETOWN.

I am leaving notes in the event of my death since I am well aware that this case has “Institutional Value”

Let it be known that if anything happens to me between now and then, I have NO intention of taking my life or anyone else. However, since the most recent statement regarding my ability to testify at the upcoming trial was omitted (ignored) implying that my death is imminent, “That bitch won’t be alive long enough to testify on February 13” and urge you to DIGG “Elyssa will be going away very soon.”

In Conclusion: I have not now or ever been a danger to myself or others and have absolutely NO intention of taking my own life. Not now, not ever. Should I be found dead, I can assure you that it will not be the result of my own hand. I don’t want to end up dead like JOHN AFRICA, MADOFF, or the Whistleblowers in London.

I don’t want to be “suicided” I WANT to be left alone so I can MOVE and leave this behind me.

So let’s hope it doesn’t come to that  but just in case… This serves as my “LAST APPEAL!”

Um… I have more than my fair share of psycho stalkers, and have been assaulted twice in my own home because police failed to respond in a timely manner. I was told to wait outside after calling 911. Please check the 911 tapes because the police insist that they do not have enough evidence to support the FACT that when I called 911 my life was in immediate and present danger.

I was told that a referral was being made to special investigations (Special Operations) within Metro, but I was told a lot of things.

This is my last appeal…

Just me,


ELyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Nashville, Tennessee
United States of America

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