Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Action Network

fluoridealert.org | Dec 21st 2011

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The Danger of Dental Fluorosis

Tooth-enamel damage that traces back to early childhood years, dental fluorosis is no laughing matter. This page takes a good look at its symptoms, prevalence, and how it goes beyond being a cosmetic concern. Discover more

These Communities Have Rejected Fluoride

Pinellas County’s fluoridation issue will not go to referendum

There will be no Pinellas County referendum next year asking voters whether they support adding fluoride to their drinking water or not.MORE

Hartland Township ends its water fluoridation program

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Pinellas considers alternative to fluoride that costs more, helps fewer

Pinellas County commissioners seek a cheaper, more viable alternative to fluoride, which costs $205,000 a year for 700,000 residents.MORE

London: Mayor fails to quash meeting on fluoride use

Despite Mayor Joe Fontana’s attempt to nix a public meeting on fluoride use in London, politicians have endorsed holding one on January 25.MORE

Moncton to drop fluoride from water

The Moncton city council approves a five-year moratorium on fluoride in the municipal water supply.MORE

Southampton: MP’s appeal to Government over fluoride

An MP says it is “morally indefensible” for the South Central Strategic Health Authority to add fluoride to local water the scheme before its abolition.MORE

Studies of Fluoride Supplements: No Evidence of Safety – No Benefit Either

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF) echoes studies showing how fluoride supplements offer neither benefit nor safety.MORE

Saint John: Council urged to keep fluoride

In the face of rising water costs, New Brunswick dentists are urging Saint John Common Council to keep fluoride in the local water supply.MORE

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