Metro Nashville Police Train Controversial MMA

Mixed Martial Arts & MNPD?

Wow. Cage fighting. Barely legal. Sometimes lethal. Always lucrative. MMA. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Why would a non-violent Jewish girl from Long Island know about such a bizarre sport? Boxing’s Most Wanted! 😉 An autographed copy works wonders for pathetic fans who don’t realize I have a brain in my head and know how to use it. Who else appears on the lobbyist registration? The Chiefs of Police? Wha? Huh? Because I was the one who did the analysis for the Mixed Martial Arts Association when Tennessee was trying to find a way to bring this violent but very lucrative “sport” to Tennessee and was offered a position as the Director of Research and Development for the Tennessee Mixed Martial Arts Association if I could convince the legislature to allow cage fighting in TN. A loophole. Connect. The. Dots. Check. The. Lobbyist. Registry. Tennessee.
Wanna go a round?

Maybe we should settle this in the cage! MMA? Now you know why I withdrew my Lobbyist Registration 2007. ETHICS!

But don’t think I didn’t learn a thing or two about the legal issues at the Boxing Commission~ or how to defend myself at the training facility! Game on!



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