Target Identified: Oak Ridge, TN

You don’t send crap to Homeland Security unless you’re sure. I was sure. And I was right. I am the Man in the Middle. Oak Ridge Tennessee has NUKES! I reversed signal to save myself. BOOM! Power outage hits MY location and @NESpower has no explanation. I have no emergency exit plan. I don’t need one. Better luck next time. I tell you something is #hacked location unknown… and I got caught in the crossfire. You’re welcome. I took the hit. And it hurt like hell! Everybody MOVE! All flags high. Now get the fuck off my network because I suspect those two “crazy janitors who walk the streets with PhD in Oak Ridge” might not be so crazy after all!

They are probably scientists. Kinda like someone else I know. Good luck, tworld. I did the best I could to warn you that this is serious. Now it’s too late. The PC is in Pennsylvania. And possession is 9/10ths of the law. Shady RATs!



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