Let the countdown begin… 6/22/11 DailyDDoSe™ Lulz

I never signed up for google apps. The disinformation campaign went on for months before anyone told me my medical, financial, and personal data was being circulated across the world and across the web from “SOC-alled” #InfoSec professionals. I made the dire mistake of taking an internship with a CyberSecurity firm hoping to gain some knowledge about the field. Instead, I found my
name being sold on T-shirts and other apparel and learned that I had become the poster child for “Social Engineering the Lulz”

Imagine my horror when I found my name, address, and phone listed (along with my father’s; a former federal prosecutor and Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations for the Department of Justice) in a semi private “chat room” type platform for members of Infosecisland.com I was invited to join by the managing editor who even blew smoke up my ass when I confronted him about the disturbing, libel and outrageous information I discovered on his SOC-alled professional site for information security “professionals”

Haven’t been back to that site since, yet, the assistant editor, Lance not only harassed and insulted me verbally and publicly claiming I was sending out spam from the site (impossible since he “bounced” me months ago and I wouldn’t dare go back to read more lies) BUT went as far as to make telephone calls and sent direct messages to intimidate and/or alienate anyone who dare come to my defense to tell the truth about what happened and to set the record straight regarding my position and involvement in the Lulz security scandal that became oh-so-boring after I tried to tell my side of the story. Inside Job. Any more questions? To be continued… Just me,





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