Rumors? Source: Nukes 9/11

George Alexander Mapp
Bangkok Iceland
New York

Firetown Neils
Reza fucking rafarti (NOT IRÁN)
Iran Amsterdam Operation Aurora

He’s not a hacker, he’s the passive Agent


Vicki??? Nukes
Headley? Mumbai Bombing

We have Headley via extradition 11/10 his wife Faiza fled to Pakistan. Headley may or may not be US citizen, They call it “kidnapping”

2nd Circuit (NY) Weapons & Arms

Check his blogroll

And you’ll find Firetown Jude UTAH??? Firetown is in Turkey, Budapest, German Born, Claims San Francisco & Costa Rica

Elisheva is his beard. She wrote me an email apologizing for his behavior (sextortion)

Crystal is one of his many monarch sex slaves, classyvixenart is one of his hackers she is located 600 Fulsom Street, San Francisco switching station — the txr goes to Niels at AT&T Netherlands. Wiretapper is link btwn Rockingjude, Cva, And if you check his favorites, you will see he has quite an interest in ElyssaD. Especially any info about Pentagon security. Another link: Mari Mari Mari

Claims to be from Philadelphia posts incorrect data about the Move Bombing May 13, 1985. Wilson Mayor Goode.

Now, search my blog if has not been seized for an Article called:

Police Corruption the Crime that won’t go down. Why me? My father was the chief prosecutor in the ORIGINAL CASE

Only case he ever lost. US v Vincent Leaphart (Aka John Africa)

So when they couldn’t put him in jail, the Mayor and Fire & Police Dept dropped a firebomb on May 13, 1985. Osage Avenue. Mothers Day. 13 people died. 5 Children and two square city blocks went down in flames. My father’s was quoted for saying that “He wouldn’t be surprised if John Africa orchestrated the whole thing and was hiding out somewhere. He brought this on himself, so if he died, suicide.”

Source for quote

Witness: yours truly We don’t want But the one thing they all have in common

Target: USA

Linked to Try New Jersey!


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
United States of America

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