Hackgate Live. 12:22am DailyDDoSe™ @ELyssaD™ Another E DuRANT

Now you have pissed me off. Thank for hitting the kill switch on my “Pentagon Level” securITy IP. SO, here goes nothing, here goes everything. Deal with it. [pre-kill switch]

Look at the pattern. Fake account created by @JDenigma to stalk and harass me. He threatens me, “I’m watching you @ElyssaD I’m a mad hatter. You don’t know what I’m capable of.”

“Don’t frack with us. @Korgasm_ and I know someone close to wikileaks. We are anonymous.”

He’s right, he does know someone very close to wikileaks. He is under Mossad protection by @cafbear @mae37 and a few others that allowed him to wreak havoc on the web until he attacked one of my followers claiming to be “Manchurian Candidate” And indeed he is. He is straight up Project Monarch. Disney and Alice in Wonderland programming. He is a despicable character and needs a better handler. MKULTRA Phoenix II: M.aking K.illers U.tilizing L.ethal T.radecraft R.equiring A.ssasination. Phoenix is Rising and the sleepers are all over me like flies on shit. Gary is also in Hangman 11 and he is not my enemy. We have both been #Pwned by the home team. [post kill switch]

I say fuck you to the Mother Cuntry for putting US in the middle of your dirty little secrets. This is starting to really piss me off now that I realize that JadedSecurity and DefCon are part of the #FalseFlag war on terror for the Pentagon and #NWO This is blatantly obvious SO you decide VERY quickly WHO and what is more important to you fat fucks in Washington and Capitol Hill. It’s been 38 years since my parents divorce and I am sick and fucking tired of being used as a pawn in their war and oodles of jurisdictional disputes. You know damn well who I am and I am nowhere near ready to surrender. You haven’t killed me yet, and most people would not and could not survive under these conditions. I know what I k know and no matter what anyone says the truth will eventually come out. This isn’t baby games, this is WAR! Given the new information I have about the origins of man and my own hybrid DNA, I’m ready willing and Abel to go the distance. And I do mean “DISTANCE” because the earth is about to be invaded by a shitload of non terrestrial beings. Some good, some bad. But I am pretty sure that they will “move heaven and earth” to save one of their own. SO let’s do this. Lucifer Project Earth is an abysmal failure. And I don’t give a fuck if they decide to blow us to smithereens so the elements can be returned to the Universe. THAT I am willing to die for, but I won’t die for you. So cut the shit hacking the planet, our minds and our bodies, because despite the pain, I do not surrender. And for the record, I would take Gary over Jaded any day of the week. Jaded, shaded, traded, baited. Trapped. Black Holed Blacklist Planet Earth Now beam me the fuck out of here so I can get back to my “real” job. Later assholes. Thanks for pissing me off. You may regret that tomorrow. #chatter


Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. United States of America Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

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